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New Age JewelryNew age jewelry

Like all other things, the advent, the rise, and the popularity of the movement has inspired designers, manufacturers and companies to produce various New Age products.

One of the most popular products is New Age jewelry. There are a lot of styles of New Age jewelry.

Some of the most popular are made out of sterling silver that is inspired by New Age symbolism. Usually, these make up necklace chains, pendants, and rings. Aside from sterling silver, New Age jewelry also includes gemstones. Gemstones such as turquoise and crystals such as quartz are said to contain spiritual, protective, and healing energies.

Usually, gemstone jewelry is cut and faceted, resulting in breathtaking designs. Integrated with their so-called powers, these gemstones are perfect gifts and beautiful personal ornaments. The New Age symbolism is present in Pagan, wicca, talismans, goddess, fairy, and dragon jewelry.

Another kind of New Age jewelry focuses on divination. Typically, divination jewelry incorporates mysterious runes on gemstones and crystals. Such gemstones and crystals include moonstone, rose quarts, carnelian, amethyst, and blue tiger eye. Gemstones used in Jewelry is called Gemstone jewelry. Crystal jewelry is also popular.

Typically, they are sold as kits. Included in the kit along with the stones is usually a set witches’ runes. Instructions for using the stones and runes are, of course, included.

Sometimes the gemstone is set on a pendulum. Pendulums can be used to locate water and oil. The pendulums themselves may be made out of copper or brass with the gemstone embedded in it.

Lastly, amber jewelry is fast becoming popular as a type of New Age jewelry. Amber is the sap of a tree that has hardened over the ages. With a light source shining through, amber glows with warm colors. Amber jewelry has many shades from opaque, golden yellow, green, to reddish brown, depending on the kind of tree sap. Amber is known for its mystical, magical, and healing properties.

Amber jewelry can be made as pendants, rings, and necklaces with designs that can range from classical to modern. The best amber jewelry are set in sterling silver and hallmarked 925.

New Age jewelry make good gifts and personal ornaments.

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